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Submitting a Military Claim

  • Attach the following to your claim form:
    1. Copies of original purchase receipts (if available)
    2. Replacement estimates to damage & missing items if over $100.00 each item.
    3. Photographs of the damaged items. (1 full view, 1 logo or brand name, damaged areas.)
    4. DOCUMENTS listing damaged/missing items that were notified to the carrier at the time of delivery (DD Form 1840) and further discovered damaged/missing items (DD Form 1840R).
  • The completed claim form MUST BE SIGNED and DATED to enable processing.
  • **Estimate of Repair / Inspection will be arranged by the carrier if deemed necessary.
  • Submit your completed information to:
    Atlas International
    9750 3rd Ave NE, Suite 200
    Seattle, WA 98115


    Fax to: 206-729-0847


    Email to:
  • You have 75 days from date of delivery to notify the carrier IN WRITING or the items claimed will not be considered to have occurred in transit (DD Form 1840R or LIST of all items claiming & description of loss/damage).
  • If you are filing your claim under the Full Replacement Value program you must submit your claim within 9 months of the date of delivery to qualify. Alternately, you have two (2) years to file your claim from the date of delivery.
  • Do not discard broken items being replaced. The carrier has SALVAGE rights to all items replaced.
  • For further inquiries, please contact us at: or call 1-888-669-6031 and ask for the claims department.
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